For Providers

Home ProTherapy™ is an exciting new practice model for those of you who are pain management specialists. Using telemedicine is fast, easy, efficient, and costs much less than an in-office practice. You can join HPT as a pain management provider and accept patients when it is convenient for you. Retiring but still want to practice without the headaches? Try HPT! Want to work part-time without an office practice? Try HPT. Sign up now for an exciting new chapter in your pain management practice. We are currently looking for physician and advanced practice providers who specialize in pain management, clinical psychologists experienced in working with patients in pain, and physical therapists.

HPT enters into contracts with the  independent health care providers to provide mobile, non-emergency  services for people with acute or chronic musculoskeletal pain. Providers using HPT license the software and have an independent contracting relationship with HPT. Our HPT pain management digital platform is licensed to individual providers at a very reasonable fee, on a monthly subscription rate, providing you with the capability to receive, respond to and schedule requested visits.  Home Protherapy™, LLC, as an entity, does not provide any health care services, nor does it refer or recommend any physician or medical practice or any other health care provider or personnel to patients or others. To begin the application process, email us at We look forward to hearing from you.